Self Care in the Golden Years

Self-care is something that has gained massive popularity in the last decade. From trips to the spa to shopping sprees and more, people everywhere are starting to embrace the newfound love of taking care of their own wellbeing – seniors included!


Even though you won’t have to worry about completing daily chores like cooking and cleaning while living at assisted living Rock Springs WY, (which leaves you with plenty of time for self-care at Deer Trail Rock Springs WY) it is important now more than ever that you also take care of your mental health!


Here are some simple ways you can incorporate self-care into your daily routine!


  • Getting movement daily. Whether through a walk or light exercise, daily movement can help boost circulation, strengthen your muscle and help support your body, and of course, boost endorphins that can make you feel happy!

  • Try aromatherapy. There are several scents that can help you relax – like lavender and peppermint – and essential oil diffusers provide a safer alternative to a candle. Just add water and your favorite scent!

  • Read a book. Reading can help you travel without actually having to travel. It provides a relaxing way to let your mind wander and is better for your eyes and mind than excessive amounts of television (too much screen time can cause headaches). Plus, it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress!

  • Help others. Helping others can often leave us feeling more positive than before. Whether that’s an encouraging word to a friend or a call to check-in, simply asking someone how you can help them can do a lot of good for you too!