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What Our Families Have to Say!

Paul and His Mother

Listen to Paul’s experience placing his mother into assisted living. He was thrilled to witness how his mother already had friends at Deer Trail Assisted Living. She enjoyed the engaging activities available and the delicious meals. Paul was delighted to see his mother thriving in her new home.

Jeff’s Mother and Her Cat

Jeff selected Deer Trail Assisted Living for his mother, the pivotal factor? His mother could keep her beloved pet cat. Recognizing the significance of the companionship in his mother’s life, Deer Trail ensured a caring and pet-friendly environment, bringing joy and comfort to both his mother and cat.

Karen’s Father with Dementia

Karen found the perfect fit for her father at Deer Trail Assisted Living. The specialized Memory Care program they offered was ideal for his dementia needs, ensuring he could maintain his active lifestyle. With dedicated care and supervision, Karen was reassured that her father was in good hands, granting her peace of mind.

Assisted Living Residence is a life with help when you want it.

Since the details are what make a difference in our residence, Deer Trail Assisted Living is meticulously maintained with the utmost attention to detail. Here at Encore Living, the founding partners of The Encore Living Group work together with a strong familial bond to create and oversee senior living communities that are dedicated to quality.

The promise and the reason for the success of Encore Group Living is that Deer Trail Assisted Living takes great delight in not just managing but also closely supervising the communities we have devoted our efforts to creating.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living, according to our definition, is a caring environment that provides those who need help with everyday tasks like eating, dressing, taking a shower, and managing their medications with individualized care in a residential setting. Our full range of services includes state-mandated supportive care as well as round-the-clock nursing staff presence to guarantee our patients’ comfort and well-being.

What is it like living at Our Assisted Living Residence

You could sum it up as having the comforts of home combined with the support you require at the right time. Living at Deer Trail Assisted Living is a lively celebration of life, full of treasured times spent creating new friendships, remembering old ones, and spending time with loved ones. Situated in the center of the neighborhood, residents may enjoy endless entertainment and easy access to neighboring restaurants and retail options!

You will have three cooked meals a day in our community, as well as tasty snacks, and cleaning will keep your living area neat. The Deer Trail Assisted Living experience includes a wealth of amenities such as transportation services, medical care, experienced staff supervision, engaging activities, and much more.

For more information about Deer Trail Assisted Living and our beautiful Assisted Living Residence and Memory Care programs. Contact us today! For our other Encore Property, click here.