With so much information available online today, it’s easier now more than ever to become a target of a scam. You’re probably familiar with the numerous phone calls from out of area numbers. If you’ve answered a few of these calls, you may have heard them ask you something about your credit card or car’s warranty.


At assisted living Rock Springs WY, we want to equip you with some helpful information to help protect yourself against phone call spam and scams. It is important that you NEVER give out any of your personal information, such as a social security number or credit card number/information. Your bank will not call you and ask you to verify your information unprompted either. Stay alert against these types of scams.


With unwanted phone calls, scammers can use the internet to make calls from virtually anywhere in the world, regardless of if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry or not. These calls can either be a real person calling you (where you would be talking to a live person) or they could be robocalls (where there is a recorded message played instead of a live person).


Since unwanted calls are so common, the best thing you can do is to block the calls. If you use your mobile phone while living at senior living Rock Springs WY, you will need to take different precautions than with a landline you may have had at your previous residence.


To block unwanted calls, look into the unique features your cell phone may have to help this. It could be as simple as blocking the number after receiving a spam call. Your service provider may also have some features to help. Call-blocking apps are typically free, but some may require an additional service charge every month.


For more information on how you can stop unwanted spam calls, check out the Federal Trade Commission’s resources here.