Physical activity is important to maintaining health no matter what age you are at, however, it is specifically important for seniors. When living in assisted living Rock Springs WY, there are a few ways you can stay active and healthy, including ways to build mental stamina! Seniors often feel that as they age, they may be hesitant to exercise. However, not getting the recommended amount of physical activity a week (150 minutes of aerobic exercise for those 65 and older) is worse than the work it takes to get up and moving!


One of the easiest ways to get in activity while at senior living Rock Springs WY is to go for a simple walk. Exercise does not have to be vigorous – you can work at your own pace too. Make sure you get a good pair of sturdy yet comfortable walking shoes before you start. Walking can help get in the aerobic part of your exercise, as well as boost mood from being outside.


Gardening is another simple way to get moving. Gardening can work the different muscles in your arms and hands, as well as provide an opportunity to increase mental strength too – plus, it’s a fun and simple activity!


Chair exercises, such as sitting to standing exercises, are a way that seniors with more limited mobility can still get the movement they need while working out core muscle groups.


For other forms of exercise, keep an eye out for all the fun things happening at Mountain Plaza. We love to bring our residents together for community, fun, and health!