Graceful Golden Years At Deer Trail Assisted Living


Deer Trail Assisted Living

Embracing Golden Years

Growing old, sometimes accompanied by health-related challenges, shouldn’t mean giving up a full, happy, and engaged lifestyle. Deer Trail Assisted Living in Rock Springs, WY, enriches lives with dignity, growth, and independence in a cozy, family-like setting.

Beyond Basic Care

The care and attention we give to our residents go beyond the mere meeting of basic needs. At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we embrace the collective aspiration of life better lived. Provided by a dedicated team oriented to the unique needs of those residing within our walls, our quality of care transcends the standard, creating a comforting home away from home atmosphere for all residents.

Deer Trail’s Unique Approach to Enriching Senior Lives

With Deer Trail Assisted Living, we craft an ambiance that makes life extraordinarily tranquil and worthwhile for our seniors. Inspired by the exceptional care approach of The Encore Group, we’ve designed a living space that’s comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfills every resident’s needs. Our compassionate staff invests their hearts and souls to ensure that care at Deer Trail has no parity.

A Life of Ease and Joy at Deer Trail Assisted Living

By choosing to reside at Deer Trail Assisted Living, you give your aging family members the ideal life they deserve. Mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning, and fulfilling daily routine activities become our responsibility, allowing our residents to relish every day to the fullest.

Comfort and Warmth in Deer Trail’s Living Spaces

The charm of Deer Trail lies in its ability to offer a personalized sanctuary to every resident. We encourage our residents to furnish their apartment units with treasured furniture, creating surroundings that make them feel right at home. Our assisted living and memory care apartments set the trend. Appealing entryways and spacious rooms offer ample warmth and the comfort of home in every unit.

Join Deer Trail for a Rich, Fulfilling Journey

Deer Trail Assisted Living invites you to witness an unmatched standard of senior wellness experience, well-lived, well-loved, and genuinely enjoyable. Join us and create an enriching life lived to the full.


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