Furry Companionship — Pet-Friendly Living at Deer Trail Assisted Living


Pet-Friendly Living at Deer Trail Assisted Living


Life in our senior living community doesn’t have to start and end with daytime television and Bingo nights. Aging is an expedition, a story written through decades, and a journey that should be as enriching, loving, and vivacious as possible. That’s why at Deer Trail Assisted Living, we open our doors not just to our wonderful seniors, but also their beloved furry family members. 


As proponents for a pet-friendly policy, we maintain that your lovable, bushy-tailed friends are needed just as much in the golden years as they were in the days of yore. 


Pets bring much more to our lives than just cuddles and smiles. They provide companionship, emotional support, and impart a sense of purpose, making our senior living community not just a habitation, but a lively, warm home. 


Remember, home is where the heart is, and there’s undeniably a piece of our hearts that will always belong to our pets. We all love a furry cuddle after a long day, a wagging tail when we’re trying to find our drive, or that comforting purr when we’re feeling low. Our senior living community then becomes more than a space — it’s a life we plan and live alongside our furry comrades.


Living with a pet encourages you to maintain a daily routine, get moving, and stay engaged with your surroundings. Regular walks and feeding times promote active living, a cardinal aspect for seniors. Consequently, it improves fitness levels and helps to keep cardiac issues at bay.


Pets also provide psychological benefits, especially their uncanny ability to alleviate stress. Owning a pet has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce depression, anxiety, and lower blood pressure levels. Moreover, the relentless affection that pets offer us can minimize feelings of loneliness and give one a sprightly spirit. 


Above all else, pets love unconditionally, they’re non-judgmental, and their loyalty is unwavering. Their love will undoubtedly brighten the life of an older person, making our senior living community much more like the homes our seniors were once familiar with. 


At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we fully understand the significance of strengthening the emotional bond between seniors and their furry companions and the various fold advantages it can bring. That’s why we are thrilled and committed to our pet-friendly policies.


In essence, including pets within a senior living community adds a flourish of life, love, and lasting memories. It promotes wellness for the seniors and renders a feel of complete family life.


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