Our Deer Trail Team

Jeff Smith, Administrator Deer Trail Assisted Living

Knowledge and experience are great, and I do have some of both, but I believe it is the ability to build relationships and care about people that makes life rewarding.


Jeff Smith, Administrator Deer Trail Assisted Living

My grandmother, Jesse Currell, came to live with us when I was 8 years old. It was a strain on the family at times to be sure but I grew very close to her over the years. When I turned 16 and got my license, we went to The Lemon Tree Salon each Saturday to get her hair done. When she finished we walked to the Safeway next door to buy Danishes and The National Enquirer. She loved both and I loved hearing stories of relatives and the occasional dirty joke. Spending time with her was great.

Grandma Currell has been gone for more than 25 years now but my memories of her are still with me. My hope is to provide an environment where families can make great memories like those that I have. Being a caretaker can put strain on a relationship, as it did in our family. We are here to put everyone at ease, reduce the stress and allow families to enjoy their time together once again. Deer Trail is the place where that happens each day. Let us help you work through difficult decisions so that we can say, “Welcome Home”. – Jeff

A Few Words about the Rest of Our Deer Trail Team

When we talk about “Our Deer Trail Team” at Deer Trail Assisted Living it includes the entire staff. This includes life enrichment, housekeeping, activities coordinator, medical support, transportation, all levels of management and The Encore Partners. The goal of “Our Deer Trail Team” is to make Deer Trail Assisted Living a wonderful place to live and work.

What makes Deer Trail Assisted Living special?
Our wonderful Team!

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