Summer Skin Care Tips for Deer Trail Assisted Living Residents


Summer Skin Care Tips for Deer Trail Assisted Living ResidentsLiving in assisted living in Rock Springs, Wyoming like Deer Trail, where summer sun is blessed generously, it is quite relevant to highlight the importance of skin care, especially for our residents in their golden years. As these warm months create a jubilant ambiance for outdoor activities, they also necessitate conscientious skin care routines. Here’s a guide with top tips to take care of your skin this summer.


First and foremost, make sunscreen your best summer mate! Sunscreen application isn’t merely reserved for the afternoons you spend in the park or evening strolls. In fact, it’s a daily necessity that shields your skin against harmful sun rays, lessening risks of sunburn and damages to your skin cells. This holds particularly true for our endearing seniors, as any inadvertent excessive sun exposure can aggravate skin-related ailments, thus daily sunscreen application becomes significant.


Consistent moisturization of your skin forms another cornerstone of effective skin care. Remember, it’s never too late to begin moisturizing! Regular application of a good moisturizer invigorates your skin by providing much-needed hydration. Ingredients like humectants, emollients, and occlusives in moisturizers help create and lock in moisture, keeping your skin refreshed all day.


Integrating Vitamin C, an unmatched skin rejuvenator, into your skincare routine is a fruitful summer hack. Not just pills, benefits of Vitamin C can be enjoyed through topical applications. Consistent usage of Vitamin C may lead to a noticeable improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, and dark spots. So why not explore this essential vitamin to nourish and fortify your skin this summer?


An often overlooked, yet fragile area is the skin around your eyes. This delicate area is more prone to show signs of aging and damage. A daily application of eye cream, preferably one encompassing nourishing properties, can work wonders. The use of eye cream not only enhances the health of the under-eye area but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.


At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we go beyond just providing services, we make sure our residents lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Understanding the importance of skincare, we inform, educate and encourage our residents to adopt beneficial skin care practices. With warm summers in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Deer Trail remains committed to ensuring our seniors enjoy their days under the sun while maintaining radiant skin health. We are here to ensure your golden years are, indeed, golden!


At Deer Trail Assisted Living, our staff are passionately committed to promoting a lifestyle blending health, well-being, and all-around joy! Contact us today to discover what makes our community truly exceptional.