Smooth Transition Awaits at Deer Trail Assisted Living


Smooth Transition Awaits at Deer Trail Assisted Living


Embracing change can be challenging, especially when it involves moving into an assisted living residence for the first time. Here, at Deer Trail Assisted Living, we believe in making this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Your feelings of uncertainty are entirely normal, and we’re here to guide you through this journey every step of the way, starting with a few important tips for finding comfort in your new home.


Optimal Organization Before the Move


Making the move to an assisted living residence often entails narrowing down your belongings. While it might be tempting to de-clutter swiftly, remember it’s not a sprint but a marathon. Take your time to sort through your possessions and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or give away. Spacing this out provides the opportunity to reminisce and also helps eliminate potential stress from rushing decisions.


Move-In Day Master Plan 


At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we aim to make your move-in day an exciting and memorable occasion. Our living spaces offer a spacious bathroom, easy access walk-in showers, and a built-in kitchenette, complete with cable and internet wiring. Remember to bring your furniture, which allows you to take control of your living space.


Ensure your necessities such as coffee supplies and dishes are packed separately for easy access. If you have one handy, a trusted friend or family member can supervise moving activities while you settle into your new home.


Space Customization and Decoration


Creating a space that feels uniquely yours is an excellent way to feel more settled in your new home. Decorate with your heart’s content and make the space a true reflection of your personal taste. At Deer Trail Assisted Living, the options to personalize are endless!


Transitioning to an assisted living residence need not be daunting, thanks to our dedicated and supportive teams at Deer Trail Assisted Living. Here, you do not just move in; you redefine living in a place that feels like home. We are more than a residency, we provide a vibrant community and a nurturing environment where you can age gracefully. So, let us walk this memorable journey together, making a smooth move to a delightful new chapter in your life!


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