It’s important for seniors living in an assisted living residence to get adequate sleep so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it becomes more difficult to obtain enough shut-eye as we age. Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult for a variety of reasons, including stress and health problems. If you’re 60 or older, consider these five tips for a better night’s sleep.


Don’t Nap in the Afternoon

Sleeping in the afternoon may disrupt your normal sleep schedule and make it more difficult to fall asleep at night, depending on your body’s internal clock.


Enjoy a Sun-filled Day

By exposing your body’s internal clock to sunlight and clean air during the day, you may train it to differentiate between your awake hours and your sleeping hours.


Limit Water Before Bed

Drinking just before bed can cause you to wake up frequently throughout the night to use the bathroom, which can disturb your sleep. Avoid drinking a lot of water right before bed if you can.


Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

To get your body ready for the night, it may be helpful to create a sleeping schedule. If you stick with it, you might discover that you get tired at the same time every day on autopilot.


Reduce Nighttime Noise and Light

You might experience better sleep if you keep as far away from lights and noises as you can. If you want to fall asleep watching TV, think about reading a book.


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