It can be daunting for you and your family to move into an assisted living community for the first time. Even if there are numerous issues to resolve, it is essential for a smooth transition that you are confident in your decision to move into assisted living. Once you’ve chosen the best assisted living community for you, the following recommendations will hopefully help you feel at ease with your move.


To abruptly get rid of a lot of the possessions that have been in your home for years may seem like a no-brainer. Your initial reaction might be to quickly give it away, but if you plan ahead, you’ll have time to sell it and separate out the items you don’t want to move to your new place. Determine what will be kept and what will be sold, donated to a good cause, or given to friends or people you know who might need it. Give yourself time to resolve everything. Rushing will probably result in needless tension.


Plan your day of moving in. This moment should be exciting! Our senior residences feature walk-in showers, spacious bathrooms, kitchenette, and basic cable and internet. You’ll have to provide your own furnishings, which is a terrific experience because you can fully personalize the area and create a homey atmosphere.


As you move in, make sure all of your essentials—including toiletries, a coffee maker and supplies, and dishes—are in easy-to-access boxes or bags. Organize your move with the help of a family member or trusted friend so you can concentrate on settling into a new home.


Lastly, decorate as much as you like! You’ll feel more comfortable and at ease if you make the space your own. 


At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we realize the stress and impact that moving into an assisted living community may have, which is why we are here to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your loved one. 


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