As people get older, they have a tendency to be more trusting of strangers in general. However, doing so carries a risk and leaves them very open to scammers. The fact that many older adults could be dealing with cognitive issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease, or simply needing someone to take care of their daily requirements and make decisions, complicates the situation. In order to safeguard your loved ones, we at Deer Trail Assisted Living in Rock Springs WY, have highlighted typical scams and how to avoid them.


Here are a couple common scams:


Fake Social Security Administration Calls (SSA)

There has been an increase in SSA fraud calls where the victim is threatened on the phone. In this sophisticated con, the scammers threaten the victim with legal punishment if they do not adhere to the instructions. Some con artists will also promise to assist victims in reactivating their suspended social security number. The easiest approach to avoid falling victim to this scam is to keep in mind that the SSA rarely makes direct phone calls and that no legal action would be threatened over the phone. It would be preferable for your loved ones to hang up the phone right away if the fraudster contacts them pretending to be from the Social Security Administration.


Scam Involving Grandchildren and/or Children

These scammers typically call a parent or grandparent and claim that their children or grandkids have been gravely hurt in an accident or are in jail and require a sizable sum of money to pay for medical expenses or act as a jail bond. Hanging up and checking in with your family to determine their safety is the greatest approach for your loved ones to prevent this scam.


Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid becoming a victim of a scam:


  • Never give up your social security number, PIN, bank account number, or credit card information over the phone unless you start the call yourself. Don’t send this information over email, either. If these documents are in paper form, don’t just dump them in the trash; shred them instead.
  • Be wary of anyone attempting to pressure you with a sales pitch. Sales tactics that are urgent are utilized to get your attention and get you to act without giving you a chance to think.
  • Not every charitable organization is authentic or authorized. Always conduct your own research before making a donation


Check out the tools provided by the Federal Trade Commission here for further information on how to end unwanted spam calls.



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