Seniors enjoy exploring their creativity with paint, just as many enjoy sketching with charcoal. However, there are many other art activities for seniors besides painting and drawing. In fact, the variety of projects available is astounding, such as: 



Many seniors have always loved using their hands to create things, and carpentry is both an art and a science. Building birdhouses, boxes, and other carpentry projects test an older person’s cognitive reasoning and creativity, while using various carpentry tools keeps projects new and exciting.



Quilling is a great activity for developing fine motor skills because it uses strips of rolled paper to make decorative designs.



Working with papier-maché or modeling clay is a very tactile experience that offers a lot of sensory stimulation as well as a chance for self-expression.



Seniors’ fingers are stimulated by beading, which also improves memory and cognitive function.


Flower Arranging

Touch, smell, and sight are just a few of the sensory stimuli that come with flower arranging.


Journaling and Writing 

Writing memoirs and stories about their youth frequently brings back long-forgotten memories and offers chances to connect with family members over shared experiences.


The ultimate goals of senior art therapy projects are fun and self-discovery. Painting and other similar projects are more about the process than the finished product because they allow seniors to socialize in a happy, fun environment. At Deer Trail Assisted Living, residents can choose from a full calendar of fun activities throughout the year.


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