Valentine’s Day is a special day for expressing love and celebrating relationships. For many seniors and their families, it can be a difficult day to celebrate since it may be hard to be together due to distance or health restrictions. But that doesn’t mean the day can’t be special! Here are some creative ideas for how to make Valentine’s Day special for seniors, especially those living in senior living communities like Deer Trail Assisted Living.


Have a Virtual Date Night

Set up a video chat with your senior loved one and arrange for a fun, virtual date night. You can order takeout or have food delivered to both of your homes, so you can still enjoy a romantic dinner together. You can also watch a movie together or play a game.


Send a Care Package

Put together a special care package for your senior loved one that includes items like chocolates, cards, photos, and other treats. You can even include a letter or a poem that expresses your love and gratitude.


Have a Photo Shoot

If you’re able to visit your senior loved one, you can plan a special photo shoot. Have a professional photographer come to the senior living community and take some beautiful photos together. You can hang them in your home as a reminder of your love.


Create a Special Memory Book

Put together a scrapbook or photo album of your favorite photos and memories together. You can include pictures, ticket stubs, cards, and other items that help remind you of your special relationship.


Plan a Movie Night

Have a movie marathon with your senior loved one. Pick out some of their favorite movies or classic films that they’d like to watch and have a movie night in their room or in the common area of the senior living community.


No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that it’s about expressing your love and gratitude for your senior loved one. By getting creative and putting thought into planning the day, you can make it a special one for both of you.


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