Winter is a fantastic time to stay indoors and active with holiday spirit. Finding the will to do so, though, might be challenging given the colder temperatures and shortened days. Whether you’re a senior searching for a means to keep warm or just someone who wants some helpful ideas on being active during this time of year, at Deer Trail Assisted Living we hope these tips will help you stay happy and healthy this winter. 


Get Creative with Crafts

Getting crafty is one way to beat the winter blues. When we’re cooped up indoors, it’s simple to get gloomy and spend the day napping. Nevertheless, there are numerous methods to be creative and active throughout the winter. Making arts and crafts is one approach to achieve this. Seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit from crafting as well. According to studies, dementia sufferers’ short-term memory and mood have improved following an hour of crafting. Therefore, creating will not only be useful for those looking for some downtime this winter, but it will also be useful for our senior loved ones who suffer from memory loss.


Join a Book Club

What better way to take advantage of the winter season than to read more? This winter, joining or creating a book club is a terrific opportunity to read new novels and connect with others who share your interests.


Discover a Fun New Skill

A new skill is the ideal solution if you’re seeking ways to stay active this winter. There are countless skills you may acquire, and once you start, it will be difficult to quit. Cooking is one such talent. For yourself, your family, and your friends, you can prepare tasty and nutritious meals. You might also consider knitting or painting. These two artistic endeavors are excellent creative pastimes to keep your mind occupied during the wintertime. You can engage in these activities alone or you can make the event social by inviting family or friends.



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