For seniors residing in assisted living communities, there is no better way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit than with a few planned activities. Take a look at these simple, enjoyable activities that can add warmth, happiness, and a sense of gratitude to any senior’s life during the Thanksgiving season. 


Send Thank-You Notes to Family and Friends

Since Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and appreciative for the people in your life, as well as the things you have, writing thank you notes to the people who matter most is a great way to accomplish this. Seniors can write all of their thank-you notes at once or space them out over the course of the month to simply express their gratitude to the people in their lives. These notes, which can be brief, sincere, and heartfelt, not only make others’ days brighter but also enable the author to reflect fondly on some priceless memories.


Create a Thanksgiving Cooking Contest

Every family has unique traditions when it comes to the dishes they prepare for Thanksgiving and the foods they enjoy. Have a friendly Thanksgiving cooking competition to introduce these dishes and customs to a brand-new group of friends. Seniors can remember their favorite recipes from their youth, get back into the habit of baking and cooking, and share their favorite dishes with others.


Relax and Enjoy Solving Some Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun activity to do after Thanksgiving dinner and throughout the entire month as you prepare for the big day. Purchase some puzzles with a Thanksgiving theme so that seniors can relax and enjoy putting them together in their spare time. Any senior who lives in an assisted living residence can enjoy doing this as they get ready for Thanksgiving.


Bingo for Thanksgiving

Bingo is unquestionably a great game for seniors, and around Thanksgiving, you can play a fun variation of the traditional game. Try using Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards with holiday images instead of the usual numbers on the bingo card.


Seniors, whether they reside at home or in an assisted living residence, have many options for how to celebrate Thanksgiving. There’s no one correct method for accomplishing this. It all boils down to taking stock of one’s blessings and appreciating the moment.



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