Moving into an assisted living residence can be a challenging and emotional decision. It makes sense that most people would rather spend as much time as possible at home. But many people who could benefit from a senior living community put off making a decision for far too long. In fact, most residents wished they had moved sooner. Below are the top four reasons why relocating to senior living can boost one’s health and overall wellbeing.


Safety and Security

Safety and security is the first, and possibly one of the most common reasons for choosing a senior living community. With staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, residents of Deer Trail Assisted Living may be assured that they will live in a safe and welcoming environment.


Social Interaction

Many older individuals who live alone have insufficient socializing. Almost all of us are aware of the research demonstrating the benefits of daily social interaction. Isolated seniors are at increased risk for a variety of health issues. However, like a wilting plant that receives water, many seniors flourish when living in a community setting.


Better Nutrition

Social isolation and poor nutrition are related. Most of us use our time to eat with others. Living alone might make it difficult to find the drive to prepare and eat well-balanced meals. Many older adults who live alone rely solely on packaged, unhealthful prepared foods. Living somewhere where wholesome food is easily accessible and can be enjoyed with others has a significant positive impact on one’s wellbeing.


Discovering New Meaning

Whether as a result of deteriorating health or shifting life roles, many older adults have felt a loss of meaning in their lives. However, many seniors who relocate to a community are shocked by the new meaning they discover. Furthermore, according to studies, those with a stronger sense of purpose have lower incidences of dementia and other chronic illnesses.


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