With Labor Day quickly approaching, we know that summer is coming to a close and that fall activities and cooler weather will soon be upon us. At Deer Trail Assisted Living, we recognize that Labor Day is a wonderful chance for you and your loved ones to acknowledge the accomplishments of industrious men and women while celebrating the last few days of summer.


Here are four fun Labor Day activities you may enjoy with your senior loved one:


Create Crafts Together

Crafting is not only a family-friendly hobby, but it also provides seniors with an opportunity to interact with the younger generation. Labor Day arts and crafts ideas include crafting red, white, and blue pinwheels or the American flag using festive fabrics.


Throw a BBQ

On Labor Day, a lot of families come together to organize a BBQ. You may all enjoy the outdoors while it’s still warm outside. Just be careful to stock up on water and other drinks in case it gets a little too heated. You can provide family members with lawn activities and/or a water feature for your barbecue. 


Attend a Family-Friendly Show

Going to a musical, play, or movie as a family may be fun and healthy for everyone. Additionally, it’s a wonderful way for families to create new memories. When taking your seniors on a trip, be sure to take the required safety steps, such as having them wear comfortable shoes, packing their medications, and bringing the proper sun protection.


Bake Some Sweets

A tasty idea to liven up the celebration is to make cookies with a Labor Day theme or decorate a layered cake with red, white, and blue frosting. Additionally, you could make your own ice cream. Regardless of what you decide to do, at least you get to taste some delicious sweets afterwards!


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